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What attracts me in a girl? What gets me so insanely aroused that i just cant look away? What gets the blood rushing into my manhood that i just cant control?What kind of girl does it take to make me think, ‘damn id give anything to fuck her’? Well I’m going to talk a little about that now. Like most people sex is one of the things that drive me. Its what occupies a part of my constant thought, through varying degree, for the most part of the day. I’m a young man and my sexual needs are high, i admit. I also admit that i get no where near as much sex as id rather be having. Keeping that in mind id also like to clarify that ive always had a certain taste when it came to girls as im not some desperado by no means, by that im mean, i don’t go for just anything that walks! I’m a man of refined taste be it in women, wine, music or any other facet in life, or so i think at least.

The other day i was out in town for a business appointment and as i was waiting for my cab i could see town was packed out. After all it was a fine, though rather coolish, summers day. It was women galore in their skimpy summer clothing, ‘eye candy’ as id call it. Out of the sea of women, and I’m not exaggerating, one really stood out. It was just as i was getting into my cab. For what seemed half hr, though it was just a few seconds, i was visually fixated. Why did this woman have such an effect on me, when a thousand of other woman did not? She was walking by, talking to some indian looking bloke, and had just entered the news agency. She looked at least mid 20s maybe even late 20s, either way im sure she was at least 2-3 years my senior. She was about my height if not an inch shorter about 5′6 but looked taller in her high heels. Her curves seemed to want to burst through her tight clothes. Her amazing thick thighs were clad by a short, tight black skirt. Her top was a bright pink shirt that seemed to barely contain her large bust. I must admit it was her curvaceous, sexy figure that truly aroused me. It was only then that i was drawn into her beauty, dark brown mid length hair and gorgeous face. My eyesight seemed to have become sharper for those few seconds. Almost as if i had zoom vision, i was able to focus on her as a whole, absorb her visually, almost feel her. I felt this sexual rush that i hadn’t felt in a while, i felt the blood begin to fill my penis as i was almost instantly aroused be her. I felt like i would have given anything just to give her a big hug, better yet to bed her. I imagined her naked though only for a split second, and i imagined just how amazing she’d feel.

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  • Cynthia Cox on Feb 20, 2010

    Another great bold topic that few will respect and speak upon. You have a niche for telling the truth of topics that many will not write upon.

    I found this article to be enlightening to the males species matter of attraction to others.

    I personally feel that if everyone could walk around nude with out the window dressing we display in our clothing attire, it would be the perfect solution to birth control and human appreciation for another! Great reading. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dejan Prokic on Feb 21, 2010

    I totally agree with you Cynthia! I must say reading throught this article made me cringe, i did go into quite explicit detail! I guess at the time of writing this article i found it was necessary to write exactly my thought process. Thanks for reading :D

  • Jared P on Feb 20, 2011

    I have the same tastes, my friend. Here’s the best place to go for similar tales:

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