When it is hot and sticky outside in Philly and you need some serious relief, there are only a few things you can do. Stopping by Philly Flavors, the best ice cream shop in town, is certainly a temporary solution. Perhaps looking for an open fire hydrant around some of the many impoverished areas the city has to offer is your game. Or you can do what we did this past weekend and take your chances at Devils Pool.

If you have been there you know it is a very surreal exception to the laws of nature and city social management. This was our first time there and we didn’t know what to expect. Devils Pool exists in the Wissahickon woods which is part of Fairmont park and is about the closest thing to nature you can get in Philadelphia. We walked through the woods via trail and found it quite peaceful and easy on the eyes. As we closed in to our destination we could hear what sounded like people having a really good time. Our ears hadn’t deceived us, people were having a good time. But the people here were not locals who’d come from there houses nearby, these were mostly inner city kids who had traveled from outside the city to the woods There were people of all ages and races and everyone seemed to be getting along.

So, everyone is having fun and there are no problems. Great! But then we noticed a total disrespect of nature. They were pretty much partying and throwing their trash everywhere. So we went upstream a bit to take some pictures and relax in the water. It was nice and peaceful and away from the riffraff.

On the way out I saw some kids about to do something really stupid. I turned to my girlfriend and said “don’t panic but these guys up on the cliff are about to throw their dog off.” Of course she was ready to panic and started yelling “NO!” I simply lied and said not to worry the dog will be ok, honestly I had no idea if the dog would hit a rock or not or hit the water at a bad angle and have the wind knocked out of it. But just to keep Alice out of a yelling match and me out of the responsibility of having to back up her words I told her it was OK. The dog was fine but it clearly did not want to be thrown off a 20 foot drop into the water. We left in disgust over the complete lack of compassion for an animal. It is a dangerous place to swim; there have been a few deaths there from what I hear and just looking at the situation it is obvious especially if you bring alcohol in to the mix. Having fun and even a bit of recklessness is great once in a while. If you want to take a risk for fun that’s your choice, be cautious and wise, don’t hurt others and so on, but why bring a dog into it. It’s just not fair.

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