My experience.

When I do something for the first time I feel afraid. Because I don’t know if I would do the thing well or bad. When I do something for the first time I don’t want to do it. it’s because of the feeling that we all experience, fear. Fear, a doubtful and intense feeling that if left unconquered will ruin your life. I remember when I was little and experienced my first fearful event after watching the movie, Scream. As I grew up, I experienced fear in different situations, from my first experience in riding a bicycle to my relationships with others. The thing with first experiences is that they are often scary because they are unknown. The fear of the unknown startles us so much that we tend to run away. But running away is never the answer. The problem is still unsolved. The only way to solve this fear is by facing it. By facing it, you remove all the doubts that you have. you become a better and stronger person. This was a lesson that I learned from my first experiences. I am glad I had them.

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