This is a history paper I wrote when I was nine years old- apparently I didn’t really want to write it! It is a brief biography on the life and acheivments of E.R.

Eleanor Roosevelt was an important person in American history as we know it. (She was only important as we know it, because in history as we don’t know it there is probably a lot of people more interesting then dry old E.R.)

            The first reason for why I “picked” her (I didn’t really have much variety as choices go) is because of the obstacles she went through. No, not because she overcame those blocks, but because they are quite tragic and I simply adore tragic things in which some one is scarred for life during their childhood. Anyways, on with the essay…. As I was saying, E.R. had horrible things happen to her. As soon as she was born and her parents saw that face… well, it’s hard to believe that things could get uglier then that, but things went down hill. Eleanor never really gave much thought to the saying, “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” You will soon read evidence of this. Eleanor loved her father, and she lived for the days when he came home. Unfortunately, Eleanor had bad taste in people to look up to.  Her dad was a good man, and he loved his daughter dearly. He then became an alcoholic. It would ruin his life, and his family’s lives too.  He was gone all the time, and he drank a little more then was healthy for a grown man. He would forget the promises he had made to go see Eleanor, and these forgotten outings broke little Elli’s heart.  Her father always told her to grow up to be kind, brave, honest, and strong, and she did. She focused on the good things about her father Elliot and forgave his shortcomings. Unfortunately, old pops didn’t always live up to those standards himself. Once father and daughter went on a walk, and they passed by a bar. Eleanor’s father said he’d be right back and he’d only get “just one little drink.”  Hours later, Eleanor was escorted home in a police car with her drunken father in the back seat. Now, this whole “Elli loves her drunkard daddy” may seem pretty sad as it is. Lucky for us, it gets even worse! At age 8, her mother died. When she was 9, her older brother died. Just after her 10th birthday, her beloved father joined more then half her family in the graveyard. Does this seem too sad to believe? It’s all true. Eleanor and her remaining family– her little brother –went to live with their grandmother.  As you might have expected, things weren’t any better there. Grandma lived in a big spooky house and hated children. She hired a nanny for the children. Of course, it couldn’t be a nice nanny, oh no! The governess didn’t like Eleanor. The nanny was mean to poor Elli and treated her brother like the prince of England. But time stops for no lonely orphaned little girl (take Annie), and life went on. When Eleanor was around 14 years old, she was sent off to a school in England. Sadly, her life takes a happy turn. The proud Frenchwoman, Marie Souvestre, who was principal of the school realized the Elli had a good mind and a generous, kind nature. Eleanor became her favorite student. Elli soon became everyone’s favorite. Souvestre taught Elli to think for herself, and she became a great leader.

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