A second hand view of the evolution concerning the cultural traditions celebrated worldwide.

Hello once again my dear fellow bloggers and bloggettes. I am typing to you once again voicing my opinions and gracing you with my knowledge. With the holidays approaching, i would like to rant about them for a little bit. I would like to start by saying that I love the holidays and everything that they bring. having said that, here are some flaws that i have found with them. Before holidays were the bastardized materialism-based marketing ploys that we know and love today, they actually meant something.

Since Christmas is coming up first lets start with that. The date December 25th was supposed to be celebrated annually as the birth of Jesus, but somewhere along the line it has adopted a less than realistic character. A somewhat creepy man in a suit of red who breaks into everyone’s home via their chimney and generously leaves them gifts made by enslaved elf labor. Plus, where in the world do the flying, talking deer come into the picture? Also, every Christmas morning, people worldwide open happily open presents that they have received from their loved ones, but it’s Jesus’ birthday…. where the hell is his Xbox?

Another holiday I would like to touch on is Easter. This day is supposed to be celebrated as the resurrection of Jesus but has somehow also picked up an odd mascot. The Easter Bunny. I think the bunny should walk around and giving out religious pamphlets like a Jehovah’s witness, at least that would somewhat make sense. Instead, he hops around hiding brightly decorated eggs which he intends for children to find. The problem I have is this, where did he get the eggs? He sure as hell didn’t lay them… did he steal them from some poor mother bird? So my question to you is this: I Jesus died on the cross, for our sins by the way, and the damn easter bunny gets all the commendation, what if we crucified the easter bunny? Think about it.

There are a lot more holidays I would like to touch on, but I must depart. I apologize for not mentioning any other ethnic holidays, but I am ill-informed on them all together. So have fun, live happy, and keep a positive outlook on life until the next time you find yourself so lucky as to read my blogs.

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  • Abigail Smith on Dec 10, 2008

    amen to that! (kelsey)

  • Melissa on Dec 23, 2008


  • denguitar22 on Dec 24, 2008

    great work

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