My family History in India and Burma.

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George Thomas Saviel ( George’s great-grandfather , see Paternal Ancestry) was born in 1827 , in India , to George Saviel and Eliza Catherine as shown in family tree . George died in 1905, aged about 78. in Pegu, Burma.

( George married twice. He married Daw Rose Hnin Si and Sophia Mary Morley.) Daw Rose Hnin Si ( George’s great-grandmother see Paternal Ancestry) was born in 1855. See Family tree. Daw died in 1910 aged about 55.

George Thomas Saviel married Daw Rose Hnin Si. They had three children:

Lilly Saviel in 1874. , Edwin David Saviel in 1876., Annie Saviel in 1878.

This family is shown as family tree1.

Sophia Mary Morley ( George’s great-grandfather’s wife) was born on 8 May 1837. Sophia died on 8 May 1914 aged 77.

George Thomas Saviel married Sophia Mary Morley. They had two children:

George Saviel in 1853., Janet Eliza Saviel in 1853.

I hope you all like this story and let me know what you think of it.

George Thomas Saviel.

15 April 2010

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  • Tracy on Jun 16, 2010

    Thank you for sharing your family history. I am also of mixed parentage with Anglo-Burmese, Portuguese-Burmese and Anglo-Indian antecedents. As I migrated to Australia with my family in the 1960’s, I do have some memories of the beauty of the landscape and warmth of relations and friends left behind at my pre-teen years.
    Let us hope and pray that there will be much needed reforms and abundant blessings for the people there in the not too distant future.

  • gtsaviel on Jun 20, 2010

    Thanks Tracy I hope you are well and I hope to hear from you again.

    George Thomas Saviel.
    21 June 2010

  • yes me on Jul 1, 2010

    Interesting wee read there, cheers and good luck

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