How to change our society and perhaps make some things work better!
Such as Schools? Money? The Box? Medical Usage? Proper Construction? The Poor?

The Hager Backyard Stories:

My Pondering thoughts and Viewpoints

How Life Should Work:

               How Mankind ever managed to get this far I don’t know perhaps stupidity!

  It truly baffles me that how a race completely bent on corruption, war, greed and pettiness can survive.

  (According to me I expect that we have come a long way of about 200 years to get to this point, point of utter chaos and in about 200 more years the extinction of humans.)

  We, please take my small equation out of this we business I’ll have nothing to do with it.

Women don’t get all upset with the next statement!

  Let’s say that humans have been here on this planet for about a half million years or so and all we have to show for all that time is the past two hundred years.

  We are smarter, perhaps, perhaps not, I say not and not by a long shot. So we don’t live in caves or grass huts any longer. We cook our food now and women are now equals! What a crock. They should have never been any more than just house-workers. They took jobs during the war times and when the men came back the men should have just slid back into the work force and bumped the women back into the house. Now don’t get all upset about this! It’s a turning point in our history and where the women would teach at home and get paid for doing so. What they would teach is forthcoming.

  This section is supposed to have the theme of how life should work.

  And it does!

  So I will start with the learning and that brings me to think of the crazy ass school system we have. In some parts of the planet they finish quicker than others, are they smarter? Or do they just have a more efficient system?

  Probably both.

  Well the system requires a complete revamping says me.

  First off everyone starts out at five years of age like we do now.

  Then we require differently trained teachers in such a way as to be all specialists in one or two fields of knowledge, which they are all ready.

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