How to change our society and perhaps make some things work better!
Such as Schools? Money? The Box? Medical Usage? Proper Construction? The Poor?

  The schools would still remain though one school would teach only for up to two unique subjects; this would most definitely enhance the focus of study.

  Now some school teaches and some subjects and some classes are redundant in the school systems and therefore need to be eliminated such as sewing, typing, first aide and cooking etc. for if the women were to stay at home they would teach the children these things and of course get paid for this work.

  Now for the children;

  We all would be tested in such a way that would give us the basics in the main subjects such as math, sciences, geography, and farming, etc.

  By the time we would each reach ten years of age we would know where we would fit. I myself hated math and it showed in all my math work. So I say math would be good for the individuals that found math easier and of course they would excel there. Though I was great in geography and liked Astronomy like ‘Stephen Hawking’ of the sciences. So then now I would have my two main subjects and from the age of eleven onward that’s all I would learn. Then I’d be placed somewhere in those fields of study and could alternate before coming stagnant.

  Everyone would then follow suit and with fewer crazy ass jobs out there and there would be more people studding the stars and planets and the construction of say everything like roads, buildings, bridges and O-Rings for space shuttles would be built to last.

  Which is a far cry from now because everything from cars, fridges, desks well everything with the above mentioned is built to breakdown. In this fashion the consumer has to re-purchase more than one of these items which keep the builders in paying jobs. Then they phone you up after a while and ask you if you’d like an extended warrantee with the item because they know that it will break down so they get some of you to buy the extra warrantee and how many of you actually return the toaster or fridge to be repaired, could take weeks until you get it back. But meanwhile you can’t have toast and all your food from the fridge is quickly going rotten. There’s the all mighty Greed. No don’t get the extra warrantee save that money for when you have to go to replace the item that just went on the fritz.

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