How to change our society and perhaps make some things work better!
Such as Schools? Money? The Box? Medical Usage? Proper Construction? The Poor?

  They actually made a car that would never rust or break down in one persons’ lifetime and could very likely be passed down to the kids but the Government shut it down so quickly that it barely squeaked out. They said the reason for that was on how many people it could put out of work, like the mechanics etc. Which perhaps correct but with fewer cars and trucks out there we would have cleaner air to breathe.

  Okay now to continue;

  With only learning what you were required if you took it upon in your own time you could learn about another field of study say farming it could make your family more self sufficient.


  They said that they were going to get rid of the copper penny but it’s still around. They managed to get rid of the paper one and two dollar bills at least here in Canada, though only to replace them with coins, much harder to counterfeit I guess. Almost all of Europe is under the Euro Dollar at this Time though I can’t see why all countries take this on. Then personally I can’t see why we require this money at all not that I have two coppers too rub together anyway, but why not eliminate it all together. Don’t get in an uproar, listen. We all get paid money usually by cheques or by direct deposit. This Direct Deposit is where I’m heading, if all else is now out of the picture there would be no more counterfeiting or stealing Credit Card numbers. You get paid from your work and they do a direct deposit, money is in the Bank. You do your weekly shopping, stay with me; you pay “Electronically.” Not with credit cards or money and not a word would have to be spoken and no pin numbers would have to be written down.

  How’s all this to be done you might ask?

  Well everyone would have to have some sort of Banking Institution.

  There and only there each individual after becoming eighteen years of age or the equivalent of that persons Country working age would receive what I call -


The BOX:

  This electronic box has your identity within it, could have Medical information as well. Though it would require a password and once entered at the Bank. Personally I’d use a large password that uses not only numbers but add letters both uppercase and lower case even those weird symbols above the numbers as well as words, even in different languages like French, Menthe Tisane and German, Verliebt in das Leben. Or even a sentence with a mixture of numbers and languages.

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