I don’t know about you and your marriage. But I can honestly say that my husband is driving me crazy. And not in the big things, but the little ones that send me over the edge. Here’s my story.

I have been married for too long.  I know this must be true, because my husband is driving me crazy.  Not the crazy where you want a divorce, just the what-the-heck-are-you-really-like-this? kind of crazy.

This is a valuable piece of information.  It is like a gift that you give to someone you treasure.  It shouldn’t be wrapped up and hidden like it’s a great secret.  It needs to be shared.   It should be an unwritten rule amongst woman.  Someone, maybe a close woman relative, should have come up to me and said “Listen Honey, I know you think your boyfriend is great. But I assure you that some day he will drive you crazy.”  But no one did.  Not my mom, not my grandmother, not my favorite aunt.  No one.    What happened to sisterhood?  Does it go out the window when you get engaged?  Why didn’t anyone tell me?  Or did they and I was to in love to listen?

Remember those bliss-filled days when you first were with your boyfriend and he had all those silly quirky habits?  Those are the things that you will eventually come to hate.  Not the obvious ones.  Not the things like dropping clothing on the floor, or leaving his plates in the living room.  Those you get over.  No, it’s those other things; the things that you once thought were so cute.  Watch out, those are the ones that will send you over the edge.    

I use my husband as an example.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the man.  He’s a great guy and he does a lot for our family.  He’s funny, nice, smart, intelligent and handsome.  I still like being married to him even after nineteen years of marriage.  But let’s face it; his quirks are driving me crazy.    

The kitchen (insert deep sigh here).  Okay this is an area that has come to drive me nuts.  When we were first together he’d come into the kitchen and peruse what I was doing. He’d stir some of the food, smell what was cooking, and maybe even make a suggestion or two.  Then I thought it was cute.  Now I want to slap his hand with a wooden spoon and send him packing to the living room. 

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  • lizz on Mar 11, 2011

    I wish I would’ve known too. Mine is driving me nuts!!!! Just sitting in his recliner, he can drive over the edge and have me gritting my teeth. Why, right now I wish he would just go to sleep and give a moments peace! Something about hearing him digging around in his junk drawer at 10:30 at night makes my fists clinch.

  • Tony on Apr 29, 2011

    you people may live in a free country but you are a bunch of commies. I don’t know any marriage where there wasn’t an undertone of narcism be it monetary of social. If he bothers go shopping, get pampered, pleasure yourself or something.

  • Tony on Apr 29, 2011

    you people may live in a free country but you are a bunch of commies. I don\’t know any marriage where there wasn\’t an undertone of narcism be it monetary of social. If he bothers you go shopping, get pampered, pleasure yourself or something or all three.

  • DKelly on May 24, 2012

    Too funny. My husband is an expert at laundry and ironing, too. He always tells me what knife to use when chopping and dicing. He drops his little alarm clock during the night when he is trying to see what time it is. Nothing like a loud crash to ruin your sleep. He gives lots of unwanted advice straight from the recliner. Yak Yak Yak The absolute worst thing that has happened is the dvr dish box. He is constantly rewinding the news and pausing during commercials and then rewinding again. This is really frustrating during sports. I just go and watch in another room. Then he’ll come in there and ask why I’m in another room. Then he’ll get the remote and start rewinding, etc.. so I’ll go in the first room. Agh!!!

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