A humorous vignette about a daughter and a granddaughter trying to save the frog population.

When my family recently relocated to Virginia from New York, I was in awe of the abundance of wild life surrounding our new home. We had built on old farm land a few hundred yards from an islet that emptied into the Chesapeake Bay. In a lot of ways, it seems idyllic. The rear of the home opens unto a large lanai that looks out over a pond. Blue herons, ducks, and geese are abound. Deer, foxes, and rabbits are also plentiful. But the one thing that seems to be in overabundance is frogs. They invade the inground pool and patio. They sneak into the garage when the doors are open. They resemble little energizer bunnies, gathered around the lawn and driveway. The one place they love the most appears to be the winding double lane road that leads into our sparsely populated cul de sac. At night, there are hundreds of them hopping around the occasional car’s headlights. Great care is taken to avoid striking any, no one wants to intentionally harm these lowly creatures, especially when the grandchildren are around.

Which leads us to the hopover button. My five year old granddaughter was visiting from North Carolina, enjoying the car ride home with the sun roof open on a beautiful warm moonlit night. When she saw the road before us literally alive, crowded with hopping frogs, she started yelling “ Grandma, use your hopover button!” Naturally, I had no idea what she was referring to, so I just slowed down and tried to maneuver the car around the critters. It was then that she exclaimed “ Look, my mommy’s car has one so every car should have one.” I should have known where this was leading.

The next day, when we were leaving the driveway in the daylight, she pointed out all the buttons on the control panel and wanted to know what each was for. When she reached one that I wasn’t familiar with ( although I had owned the car for several years), she screamed “That’s it, Grandma!” She explained that her Mom always used the hopover button when animals were in the road. While my grandchildren never cease to amaze me, I am also quite proud to have a daughter so quick-witted to actually come up with such a clever idea. Relieving the children’s anxiety with an innovative idea like this gives me great comfort and reassurance with the next generations of mothers and daughters.

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  • Vera on Dec 13, 2008

    another great job! Keep the stories coming.

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