How I lost my contact in my eye (twice) and how I managed to find it.

Several years back I lost my contact in my eye – I will admit it happened after a night of drinking and my boyfriend mixing me doubles all night. When we finally arrived home I went to take my contact out of my eye and pushed it until it went behind my eye. I tried to flush out my eye but to no avail I still couldn’t find the buggar. So we took at trip to the Emergency room at about 3 or 4am it took a couple hours to see a doctor and I fell asleep (passed out?) in a dentist like chair. Finally a doctor came to see me flipped my eyelid up took out my contact looked at it and said it’s still good and your eye looks fine. Took him less than 30 seconds.

Now several months ago it happened again! I was even sober this time. Having no desire to sit in the emergency room for hours on end I called by mother who is a nurse and asked her for advice. You must have seen this before you have been a nurse for thirty years. “Nope never have I’m sorry” she replied perhaps try to flush it out.  So I decided to google it – and there it was how to find your contact I believe the advice was something like look down and then quickly up and do this a few times – the contact popped right out. So it is possible to lose your contact in your eye but google it and you’ll save yourself an unnecessary trip to the E.R.

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  • strovek on Aug 9, 2012

    Pretty scary experience and to have it happen twice – nasty.

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