Katz’s Deli in Austin, Texas is a cool place.

It’s been almost ten years since I had last eaten at Katz’s in Austin and it’s nice to see that it still lives up to my memory of it.

Katz’s is a New York deli style restaurant (and bar and club all thrown together in one building). It’s truly the restaurant though that keeps me coming back (or at least looking for an excuse to go to Austin).

Past experience kept me for ordering any appetizers. My stomach isn’t as big as it once was in college and I wanted to still be able to have dessert. It was a good thing I skipped to, because the sandwich alone was enough to fill me up despite having just walked all the way down 6th street to get there. I had the New Yorker, a killer of a sandwich made with pot roast and sauteed onions on toasted Jewish rye bread. It’s pot roast just like mom would have made, had I grown up in New York that is…

Looking around at everyone else’s table told me that I would not have been disappointed with the blintzes, knishes, or matzo ball soup either. Everything looks just as large as I remembered it to be.

Dessert was no exception either. The key lime pie was superb. Even if true Southerners might call it a bastardization of the real thing (it’s more key lime cheesecake than bright green key lime filling with ten inches of meringue on top.) A perfect end to a solid meal.

The service? Just great. My waitress left me alone like any good diner waitress would, but when she did stop by, she was all southern charm. Certainly the best of both worlds. Then there was the crucial test for any Texan: the iced tea. It was fresh, crisp, and my glass was never empty. What more could a parched guy ask for?

All in all it was a good meal and good service. It’s nice to see that some things really don’t change over the years.

Liked it
  • Jonathon D. Sturgill on Aug 3, 2008

    I love Katz’s! The reueben is the schnibiddy dizzle!!

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