As days go by exploring ,working,the most amazing things I see and find.

 You are all so very nice for sending emails and phone calls,  I love you all and when i see you boy are you all going to get BIG CUDDLES.
Well today has been about the same waking about 5.30 and putting our torches on our heads to see were we are going the day starts.
Micky gets the kettle started as that runs on gas and the about 6.00 we crank up the Genny.
our day starts with those bloody chooks which we feed and then let out who scrounge around awhile and then decide to come inside all the time and shit all over the place. So that keeps me busy chasing them out all the time.
We decide that to day we will start on the veggie garden which is so over run but they want the new seeds started as soon as possible so they will be ready for harvesting for when the guests come in March.
I leave Micky for that job and start to try and clean out the hut with my trusty bail broom and clean the bathroom of gecko pooh and anything else that wants to shit there.
i must say that when we do go to sleep I do sleep very well it must be  the bed a lot bigger than goober and we do have a net over us as well although the insects do find there way in.
we received a phone call from our neighbors from hicks island wandering if we would be home for a cup of tea, were the bloody hell would we be, so they came across about 10 o’clock and stayed till about 1.00 which was good as they seemed okay although i thought they were from the deep south of America.
i must tell you those awful insects are just crowding in upon me as I type so if the writing is all over the shot its not just the wine that im drinking.
My biggest heart racer today was the fishing stint down on the jetty this afternoon.
Micky is so itching to catch a fish after we finish working a whole 3 hours I think oh by the way I planted some rocket lettuce as we don’t have any to eat and im having withdrawals at the moment thought I would tell you that,
anyway we went to the jetty and Micky gave me the hand line and then I saw this shadow coming along i thought it was a cloud but it wasn’t it was this HUGE  shovel nose shark, I shit myself even though he was telling me it doesn’t hurt you ,I just felt like that movie jaws when he takes off with the jetty and all, so in comes the hand  line and im going home. I meant SHARK.
Now Micky is cooking tea he has been doing that every night while im writing he is such a beautiful man, i am listening to clean die on out in the middle of now were and it is so unreal i have to keep pinching myself must go now as tea is ready lots to tell hanging in here by my tidies
once again love the emails and Bronson
love and miss you all soooooooooo much
maybe the tribal council tonight

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