When it comes, prepare for a lousy day.

I have just read a booklet about how to be a feature article writer. A feature article, it says, is one that contains facts and ideas. So I read some articles and it’s true that they are full of facts, but the ideas, if there are any, are so mediocre and boring that I would rather read the treatises of Aristotle on various subjects or The Prince of Machiavelli.

I have a severe migraine now-I wonder if that’s the consequence of reading that booklet. What will I do? Lie in bed. The trouble with migraine is that you don’t know when it comes. But when it comes, prepare for a lousy day.

In the evening, the migraine eases up a bit. I can now resume my work. Am I having a real work? How can a homebody have a real work? It’s better not to pursue these questions lest the migraine would come back, maybe worse this time.

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  • Justin F. on Sep 26, 2008

    bored with ordinary stuff, huh? me too.

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