A memory of a heart shattering betrayal (The females name was kept out of this writing on purpose)

Going through his old papers, pictures, and other memories Wolf became sad. He realized his mistakes and wished he could fix them. Going through what friends he has left he is able to make contact with the people he made the grave mistakes to. And finally after a few years he had managed to beg for forgiveness and had gotten it from them all.  However the last one the one who walked away from him at the courthouse when they were to married. The one he promised his life to left a lasting scar as her finally departure. She shattered his heart. He doesn’t know how to get over what happen. After everything she said and claimed she wanted. All the tears she shed….. How could she do what she did? The betrayal still hurts to this day. It burns in his heart. When or if she realizes what she has done it will be to late.

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