A true story of terror under a bridge. Not too scary.

My dogs Kole and Katie and the bridge. Photo by PR Mace

Last spring while cleaning our side patio I made a request of my husband. We have trees around our patio and a small area from the patio to the yard where no grass will grow. I asked for a path from the patio to the yard and my clothesline.

Later that week while shopping at Big Lots for a new patio swing, I found my perfect path. It was a small wooden bridge and on sale. My husband also liked it, so the small wooden bridge found a place in our home.

The bridge made a perfect path from the patio out to the clothesline. No more dirty shoes to track sand into my clean house. It was a lovely sight and our granddaughters found joyful adventures as they ran across it. All was as it should be, until the noises started.

We have had quite a bit of rain, as of late, a welcome relief from our heat wave. Early last week our dogs Kole and Katie began to dig under the bridge. While standing beside them on a damp Tuesday, I could hear strange sounds from under my bridge. It is easily lifted up and with courage I did this. I found a family of toads had made a home. They hopped away with my canine family members close behind. Well problem solved, I thought, no more digging or noises under the bridge. Was I ever wrong!

Thursday was a rare extra day off for me and rather then stay home alone while my husband worked, (he works twelve hour night shifts) I took an extra ballroom dance lesson and stayed for the weekly practice party. I wanted to work on my timing and brush up on my rumba and waltz. It was a perfect night, until I came home.

The party ended a bit early and I arrived back home around 2145. I let our dogs out to attend to their business while I called my husband to let him know I was home. Kole and Katie rushed to the bridge and began to frantically dig. Lifting the bridge to run Mr. Toad and his family back to the garden, I found a monster. A huge rat lay in wait.

In a panic I dropped the bridge and ran while the rat with the dogs in pursuit closed in on me. I screamed and headed for the laundry room door while the rat parade rushed by. The chase continued around the patio swing into my garden and finally ended with the rat on the fence heading for the woods with the hounds of hell tearing up the ground.

My poor neighbors trying to sleep next door, what must they have thought, well who knows as they didn’t come over to see if I was okay. I mean, I was screaming.

Is there a reason for this story or a moral to this tale? Of course there is.

If it is late at night and your husband is not home. Don’t look under any bridges; you never know what type of monster is waiting for you. Oh, and don’t run in high heels on a wet patio, it’s not good for your health.  

My dog Katie : One of the Hounds of Hell. Photo by PR Mace

My dog Kole resting on the famous rat bridge : The other Hound of Hell. Photo by PR Mace

Liked it
  • CHAN LEE PENG on Aug 2, 2009

    So, you’ve two dogs? I love both of them. They seem brilliant, right? An enjoyable story. Glad to see that they’ve a spacious compound to run/ play around. Thanks and have my liked it, of course.

  • ken on Aug 2, 2009


  • janneholma on Aug 2, 2009


  • RenaeC on Aug 2, 2009

    Wow, great story! Truly entertaining. I think, however, you should get some new neighbors!

  • nobert soloria bermosa on Aug 2, 2009

    really cool, congratulations my dear friend for making it to the highest spot of “Hot Content List”

  • Daisy Peasblossom on Aug 2, 2009

    Brave and wonderful hounds defending the house from toads and rats! :)

  • Jenny Heart on Aug 2, 2009

    An interesting compelling read. I like it!

  • Eunice Barbara on Aug 2, 2009

    …and funny at the same time.

  • Mark Gordon Brown on Aug 2, 2009

    I now live in Alberta, a rat free province. They even have border patrols stopping them.

    you are number one on hot content list, congrats.

  • Bo Russo on Aug 2, 2009

    Ha ha this was funny Pam,I’m sure it was a little scary though,yeah,you made #1 top dog,with a little help from Katie & Kole.

  • cslow on Aug 2, 2009

    Congrats on making #1, enjoyed story very much, great dogs!!

  • papaleng on Aug 2, 2009

    that was pretty good. you have convened your message in a very enjoyable post. Thanks Pam, now i had to check if my dogs are digging for a monster.

  • clay hurtubise on Aug 5, 2009

    You really need a shot of the bridge with the Travelocity Gnome!

  • Christine Ramsay on Aug 6, 2009

    I love that story. I would have been screaming too. The bridge does sound pretty though. We have ballroom dancing in common by the way.


  • Nicholas Kenney on Aug 8, 2009

    I’ll trade monsters with you…we have a family of ground hogs living under our shed in the back yard. Our Schnauzers want them badly…I’ve tried starting the lawn mover in the shed, hammering a flat head shovel across the floor to scare them out and banged on the walls of the shed…to no avail. Guess I’ll have to shovel moth balls under there. (They’re toxic…) You might try moth balls under your bridge to keep EVERYTHING away.

  • Ruby Hawk on Aug 8, 2009

    Pam, I signed this but I see it didn’t take. I wish Triond would do something about that. It happens to me all the time and I guess everybody else.I loved your story.

  • Moses Ingram on Aug 13, 2009

    I enjoyed your story, I’m sure I found it more amusing than you did at the time.

  • Milton H Peebles III on Aug 22, 2009

    Almost fell out of my chair reading this one. I have a rat tale of my own. “Thump Drag Thump Drag” is about a rat that lived in our attic. Your tale reminded me of mine.
    Take Care, DreamSweet and Let Your Heart Shine
    ~ milty

  • Loreta Dorington on Aug 25, 2009

    Oh, Pam, I love a scary story, but this made me laugh. Thanks for making me smile. I am just sorry that it’s only now that I was able to comment on this for I was absent for quite some time. May I add that I love the ending of the story, Ha ha ha.

  • martie on Sep 5, 2009

    Great story, beautiful dogs, you could do a series of children stories about these too wonderful and entertaining mutts.

  • Chris Stonecipher on May 29, 2010

    I hate mice and rats. I have a couple that seem to only come around when my wife is on a road trip. You see, she works and I am retired taking care of kids. I get the willies when I have to go look. Your story was fun to read. Sounds like you dogs had fun chasing those critters.

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