A skirmish in the morning before work.

Wolf and I wait anxiously in alcove, if our contact was right Tigger would be exiting the house about 7:45am. We have to be silent, the owners have imported two dogs to protect the wily old cat. Wolf wanted to get another thug for back up, but I refused, if we were going to take this guy’s turf, we had to do so while maintaining the respect we had earned already. If we brought too much muscle with us we would appear weak.

I hear the door first, Wolf is busy checking his arsenal, stupid amateur move that it was. How are you supposed to look subtle when you are standing there with your weapons hanging out for the whole world to see? I hear the female of the house talking with Tigger, she wouldn’t coo at him like that is she only knew how evil that bastard is. I once saw him gut a buddy of mine, the grin never leaving his face. Our contact says he puts up with the loving these two idiots put forth for their protection, and the extra catnip. I think he pretty much has the entire block fooled, but not me.

I almost got him last week, he was alone, leaning against a tree stump. I was sitting right on the other side ready to pounce when the male showed up. He drives a big truck that sounds like a thunder storm. When he pulled Tigger acted like nothing was wrong, but I knew he had seen me, and knew how close it had been. He’s not untouchable, I can see scars of the past cats that have tried to take him down. He has got notches in his ears, and the telltale puffy cheeks of a scrapper. If he bleeds I can kill him.

The lady walks out to her car, I pretend to be surprised to see her, it gets them all of the time. Wolf is actually surprised to see her, trying to quickly sheath his claws and put on his best smile. I tense up, waiting to see if she was planning to attack. She just moves on and gets in her car. I smile and head back towards the front door, knowing that Tigger would make his way into the side yard first, utilizing the hedges for cover and concealment.

The clever cat is waiting for me by the drainpipe, as soon as I poke my head around the corner I get a face full of claws. Yowling in pain I retreat, my wingman Wolf jumps in to tackle Tigger. Again the old cat outsmarts us, he feints to the left, tackling Wolf and sends the two of them tumbling into the bushes. Half blind with pain and rage I jump in after the two.

I find my target and bite deep into his flesh, coming up with a mouthful of gray fur. Wrong target though, Tigger, much like his name implies is orange. Wolf turns on me, lost in a frenzy, swatting me repeatedly with his vicious talons. I am still angry and I am not going to take any more abuse. Using my heavier build I simply flatten him to the ground holding him down and hiss at him. I hear laughter from up above.

In the crook of the old ash tree Tigger sits laughing at us, unscathed and thoroughly amused at our antics. I let Wolf up and pounce into the tree to grab the trickster. He jumps down, crashing on Wolf for added insult. I catch myself before I slam headfirst into the tree. I am about to jump back down and give chase when the branch he was holding down swats me off of the tree into the air. I land unceremoniously on the grass. Rage fills me.

Both Wolf and I give chase back down into the side yard. Tigger is moving with his usual grace and speed, we are running on hatred now, crashing through the leaves as we charge after him. He calmly leaps up onto the fence and goes into the backyard. We give chase and run right into Max. Our contact says that Max is cat friendly, I beg to differ. That dog almost gets my head in his jaws before I make it back over the fence.

For a moment I am scared, I can’t find Wolf. Then I see him limping home. We’ll get that cat tomorrow, or maybe in a few weeks when I have finished licking my wounds.

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