This is the village where my father and mother were born and havr lived in the past.

Up to now, I have always written about the natural beauties of some countries and cuisine in Trifter. Yesterday, I decided to write about my own village where I’ve never lived but visited twice a year. Now, it is my time and still very excited since I’ll talk about my little village.

The name of my village is Adiller. It is in Central Anatolia region in Turkey. Administratively, it is located in Sariveliler city in Karaman province where it is famous with sheeps and woolens.

The population has been same for years because deaths and births are leveled and Adiller is not a touristic place. It has a great nature with mountains and forests. Forests are located on this mountainous region where sheep have been grown. Those beautiful forests make my village green.

Industry in my village is based on agriculture as natural. There are many gardens and agricultural fields. Government encourages the villagers by bank credits and incentives to produce fertile agricultural products. Unlike other villages around it, Adiller has a great irrigation system which triggers the fertility.

Since Adiller is located in a forest region, there are many trees. The majority of the forest is full of with cedar, beech, pine and poplar trees. However, apple and sour cherry trees are grown in the beautiful gardens and agricultural fields separated for fruit production.

Its history is based on Karamanogullari principality which was one of the strongest powers in Central Anatolia in the past. According to the historians, Karamanogullari was the strongest enemy of Ottomans. Karamanogullari was also the first principality which uses Turkish as their main language.

Since my village is located on mountains, there are many caves and holes. Inhabitants of the village call those holes as “black holes”. According to an urban legend, these black holes are endless.

If you have a chance of visiting Turkey and Karaman, allow an hour to see my town. Sure that, you will not regret.

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  • Rask Balavoine on Sep 27, 2008

    Sounds like a good place.

  • on Sep 27, 2008

    i think i might like turkey

  • Bozsi Rose on Sep 27, 2008

    Thanks for telling us more about your village. It seems very interesting. I’ve never been to Turkey but have always wanted to go!

  • stasia on Sep 27, 2008

    i would like see more photos if u can add plz…

  • Karen on Sep 27, 2008

    I have never thought about Turkey much, but your description of you village was very interesting and got me to thinking I might just like to visit there. Thank you.

  • alex on Sep 30, 2008

    love it! I always wanted to visit Turkey. now at least i have a glimpse of the countryside.

  • Rosemary on Oct 2, 2008

    What a fascinating place! Your words and pictures helped me imagine myself actually there.

  • Kosyman on Oct 10, 2008

    Actually the more I read about Turkey, the more I might have to add it to a travel wish list of the possibly near future…nice article ;)

  • click here on my name (click) on Apr 6, 2010

    beautifyl village…i like the way you describe ur beatiful village…i must sat that ur village is Little heaven on earth

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