On the “Personality” of my Miniature Schnauzer. About the way she interacts with me and why I call her my fifth extremity.

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And I called her DIVA!! Never thought how this name will fit so great to my Miniature Schnauzer.  It was clear the first time I saw her, she would be my one and only.  Diva has been in my family for two and a half years now filling every single day with joy and happiness.  If you have the privilege to own a Min. Schnauzer you’ll understand me if not, well… What are you waiting for?  

Diva is a lovable dog.  To be exact, lovable “daughter”, she really don’t understand she is a dog.  The first couple of months with us was a time of learning and knowing from each other.  From house-breaking to the food brand to buy it was a learning experience even before she arrived home.  To my surprise she is an intelligent dog and learned everything fast.  I began taking her to the farm, short trips around town and everywhere, that’s where it all started to developed.  She became my shadow, no matter the place, site or location she was always with me.  If I sit down to watch TV there she is five seconds later, go to sleep there she is, even now writing about her she is lying on my lap.  I’m telling you, I call her my “fifth extremity”.

Is a fifth extremity in  constant need of love.  Every single moment she must have my hand touching her and if not, she’ll demand it.  She would use her paw to lead my hand to her.  Other way would be moving her head underneath my hand so she’ll get me to pet her.  And, she’ll lay right next to me no matter how uncomfortable she’ll be.

Diva is not my first dog, but she definitively is my first dog with such a define place in my family and me.   I don’t imagine my life not having her around.  My fifth extremity is as important as my legs and arms… even more because of all the love she transmit.  

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