Try to top this crazy dream.

We all have had crazy dreams but I might of had the one that tops them all. One night I dreamed I was walking down a long gloomy street, the sky was gray. I turned to look down a dark alley where I saw a baby on top of a stove. The stove was part slot machine, if you pulled the lever it gave you coins. The baby was crying its head off but I focused on getting coins. I stopped because their was a man in all black standing behind me waiting for his turn.

After that I was in my bedroom laying down when my door opened. The room was dark and I couldn’t see a figure in the doorway. I quickly got up to slam the door. But then it opened once again. I turned on my light to see the same baby in a crawling stance by the door. The baby was covered in a slimy substance like it was just born. The baby was trying to open its eyes to look at me but couldn’t. I then took the baby to the stove in my house and put it on a frying pan. The flame started on its own and the baby screamed as it died. The pan was full of blood. I took the baby out to see a steak under it. I accidentally spilled the blood on my leg and it burned terribly.

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