This was a piece of writing I was told to do for school, but I thought some other people would like to read it. It’s one of the earliest memories I have. Hope you enjoy it!

Memory Writing – One of my Earliest Memories

By Hayden Maye

The sleek black beast snarled as it advanced, running swiftly over the great, glittery black length of stone, slashes of yellow and white marking it. Suddenly, at a silent command, it came to heel, still grumbling, then it finally lay quiet. A large flap in its coat of shining armor opened… then me, Mum, and Dad stepped out of the sleepy car, staggering with shopping bags stuffed with assorted groceries.

“Yay! Yay!” We’re finally back home! Clambering out of the annoyingly stuffy car my dad owned, I tumbled straight onto the lawn, which preceded our great big thing of a house. Our massive, but welcoming house positively stretched into the bright sky above me, but all that did was add a almost-scared-to-death thrill to my already happy and cheerful mood. Having all of this, of course, I naturally went on a high – or as much of a high a little two or three year old could have, anyway. We had just come back from the supermarket, but the supermarket was so boring; our ‘home sweet home’ was much more fun and exciting, with so many places to explore! Skipping joyfully into the long, long hallway, I then – gasp – saw our lounge. Or rather, the floor. It had been stripped of its carpet long ago, leaving a smooth, hard wooden, well, floor. Which happened to be great for sliding around on. I could feel myself tensing my legs, getting ready… Woosh! I suddenly burst off, into the center of all glory. “Weeee-!” The floor was so delightfully slippery, like as if it was a frozen-over lake, and I was the clumsy, laughing skater trying to glide her way around the edge. The expanse of the ‘lake’ was so big, I sometimes absentmindedly wondered whether I would ever get to the other side. My socks, full of holes and dusty stuff from past ’skating’ jaunts sliding around, carried me over the shining, ice-like surface. I was busy studying my reflection on the floor when I tilted just a bit too much – and it all happened in a flash. One moment imagining I was an eagle flying over the water – then suddenly flailing wildly, feet skidding in all directions – BANG! Straight into the very hard surface of the very hard oven. I fell on my face, but that wasn’t the least of it. The pain… it hurt so much! In the rocketing pain, I barely heard the shouts and whimpers of a horrified mother, and the yells of my father. My head was throbbing, a trickle of hot blood making its way down my face. The pain went sky-high in its shuddering rampage through my body, the acuteness of the cut mixed with the shock of a little child; the terrible wound too painful to comprehend. Finally, the sweet, painless relief of unconsciousness claimed my petrified mind, then I knew no more.

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