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Cannot believe how my blogs have shot up since advertising them for around £10 each… just tried a few and I’m getting alot of traffic… People honest, I am gobsmacked about it and have to blog about it!! I’ve told alot of people who aren’t really interested in it all, but I know you lot are as you are reading this and have to know!!

I’ve posted some of my blogs on PTC (Pay To Click) sites and people who want to earn cash through this have to click on adverts… they are timed and have to click a number asked to verify they are not robots doing it automaitcally!! I am on 2 of these sites and I loove doing it myself!!! So I thought maybe should advertise some of my blogs on here and see how they go… They should get at leadt few clicks, Right?

Never knew that it would be so popular….!!!!!! :-D

Phone is driving me mad!! Won’t charge, robbing fella’s battery and his phone is starting ot go aswell… So gota get new phones Saturday after shopping.. And with Holiday in 3weeks and one more payday before we go Cornwall I have to pull belt in Tighter than usual next payday. Which is hard as I don’t get to go out much with having bills and our last hol weekend away to London now Cornwall… Too close to think of weekends out with friends!! LOL

Miss lamb shank!! Haven’t been out for meal for ages!! Tell a lie.. feels like ages because haven’t had Lamb Shank!! Been couple of months at least…… KFC is a godsend!!! and my job, which intails me sweating aswell as getting dirty, is helping me lose weight!! Strangely enough… eating little less than usual… and eating habits are smaller but tiny more frequent, are getting me by.

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