Late night blogging… as usual!

This is just a bit random really, but has anyone ever thought that we need to get out of this hole WE have dug ourselves in? Recession in UK is hard and getting worse than people thinking it’s getting better…

Jobless, jobs hard to get or evan be accepted for an interview! Employers swamped with Applicants and unable to take on people who have too many qualifications or are older who have to be paid certain amount for a minimum wage, hence having to take on less qualified people – to be able to afford them!

Debt is at an all – time high, rent, morgage and bills are harder to pay off, money is spent before it is earned…. seems like we need to start getting rid of overdrafts and loans and start working on the money we HAVE not the money we don’t have then we will be able to afford things we can afford!! Not the things we can have on LOAN!

Worked out a stratagy..

  • Pay off debts little by little, agreed by them of course!
  • No loans, overdrafts or anything like that – another way to get into debt!
  • Only afford things you can afford, if you can’t – DON’T get it!! Wait till you can!!

Think about the bills that you need to pay off before you think of holidays or evan those shoes you seen yesterday in the shop!! Women are more likely to impulse buy than men… Sorry girls but we do!!

And of course a little treat is acceptable, but has to be fairly cheap and if it means you want to go out, how about friends over for DVD and munchies? Or Games night, bottle of wine and home cooked food… friedns might evan bring something for the party! Cheaper and can be more fun… At least you don’t have to get taxi home!! LOL

I have been trying to get back into nursery nursing for while now and with recession been hard to get into it again, employers trying to take people on who don’t need much training as to cut costs, and I need papers updating, which means paying for training… They would rather not… But the job I’ve got is alright. Not what i dreamed of doing but pays better than most jobs… £6.25 an hour, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Weekends off and bank holidays off aswell!! Alot better than old job! Work you to the bone and for alot less that I get now!!

I’ve noticed that I seem to be able to blog better when it’s past 1am and half asleep!! When awake during the day, cant think of a thing to type! But when I don’t think clearly, I seem to be able to type clearer and think of more to put that awake!! Bizzare!!!! OH WELL…. Go with the flow!

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