Synopsis of my memoir “Bits And Pieces”.

OVERVIEW of ‘Bits And Pieces’


What happens to the mind of a boy whose brain is rattled into confusion, distraught, and pained from others forcing upon him their own visual perceptions that he is something that he is not; that he is, in fact, female? It eventually takes its toll on a guy, that’s what the fuck it does! And, of course, exponentially increases his chances of becoming a very ‘baddddd boy’! *insert evil grin* This memoir is the candid, darkly humorous, and hilariously sad adventure that was my life prior to my transition to becoming male in body. Seems quite depressing huh? WRONG! There are so many twists and turns along my path; as well as the many..MANY… surprises in store for myself and others during and after transition, that all is turned into a memoir that will (should) keep you laughing! Self-destructive behavior and calamity ensue as a boy tries to find a path in this murky world to become the man he should have grown to be. It is also a story of ‘becoming’ and finally finding one’s self and does not just lend itself solely to the transgendered community. Not only will this be a controversial memoir, as my theories are not the ‘norm’ and my humor is ’stinging’; but I also hope to reach out to the medical community in order to educate that population in the ‘art’ of seeing past what is the purely scientific, ‘black’ and ‘white’ aspects of their profession. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to check out my initial chapters on Scribd.


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