Enjoying the solitude of a park one day an elderly couple strolled by. So engrossed in their mutual admiration society they hardly noticed me. Yet, as they got close, their conversation ceased, speaking they passed on. Then the other scene returned, two enjoying each other’s company. I think I saw love that day.

Do you like to sit in a park and feed the pigeons or sit alone on a stretch of beach watching the waves gently caress the sand? Seems there is nothing so soothing as sitting in either place or in front of an open fireplace watching flames play. We all have our special places where we can calm our souls and ponder the important things of life, none of this heavy world affairs, just the minor things of the heart and soul.

It was on one of these occasions sometime back, I saw, what I think I saw, was what appeared to be the most fascinating example of what life should be about, and definitely what old age should be. It was in a nice shady nook of the park, all parks have these spots or should. Sitting there for quite some time without being disturbed except by squirrels frolicking around and an occasional pigeon. Both were attracted by the dried bread crumbs I often take along for such events. After awhile, I must have taken a short nap for my head jerked up when I heard footsteps and soft talking.

For a moment, I was disoriented, so comfortable was my nodding and the tranquility of the place I had chosen. As the cobwebs cleared, I saw an elderly gentleman walking with a cane for support. Holding his hand, ever so gently, was a lady whom I supposed to be his wife-such was the tenderness in her eyes and the admiration apparently in his. They were walking ever so slowly, chatting all the while and were coming my way. Their topic was unknown to me, but I could tell by observation both were contributing and enjoying. As they approached, the conversation ceased, but they still held hands, and each looked at me sitting there alone on my park bench. They nodded, as did I, and they passed on.

I watched as they continued their stroll, obviously enjoying each other’s company for the conversation had begun again. There was no hurry to their steps, neither tiring of the other, time was their’s to share and enjoy, this they did. My imagination at times like this can be very powerful and it went to work. To me it was a picture of two people in love, with a long history together. There was mutual respect and admiration, a devotion that comes when one has invested many years in cultivating such a relationship. They had seemingly paid the price many times over in learning how to make the other enjoy their happiness, compromising rather then having to prove one’s self right or in control. Their manners presented tenderness, gentleness and was rewarded by a devoted companion in their golden years.

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