Random thoughts of my feelings and emotions telling my story. 

A shining star in a dark night sky, I shine but I hide. There’s only two people that can find me and that’s you and God and you would have to talk with God to know if it’s ok. I’m his angel and he protects me, he won’t let you break my other wing. You swing in and out of my life, just take flight and leave me in my fight. I wonder if God is teaching me a lesson for being such a bad girl stuck in a grown woman’s body, but before I was grown I was a grown woman stuck with a little girl’s face with a body of a goddess, God why did you do this. Hormones took over I wanted it, craved it, needed to know how it felt. Quick to rush, quick to love, quick to sex, quick to run, quick to cry, quick to ask why, quick to do it again cause I didn’t want to be alone in my wonderland…

Everyday the rain came but it was hot as hell outside…

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