A story about me being forced to wear girls clothing as a punishment.

     Hello 5 years ago was when this all started. I was arguing with my mom then pushed her into a wall. She asked me my shoe size and my normal size in guys clothing. I told her. She came back in a couple of hours with a few bags and handed them to me and said “Go change into this and come back down when your done.” So i went upstairs and locked the door to my room and pulled everything out of the bags. there was a pair of high heels, 4 petticoats, a dress, some panties, and a bra. I put the bra  and panties on then the petticoats (all were pink), and then a very tight pink dress. After doing all that i put a pair of girl’s socks i missed on then the high heels. I proceeded downstairs (after taking 20 minutes to change) and my mom looked at me and said “Look at my young daughter.” I was completely embarrassed.

     Then she told me “This is what you will wear whenever you’re in the house for 2 months as punishment.” I was completely petrified. I wasn’t to worried about my dad because he was dead. She made me start cleaning the bathroom and made me grow my hair out long. One day (2 days before punishment was over) i decide to not wear my “uniform” and when my mom came home she said “Change only into the bra, dress, panties, socks, and heals young lady ,we’re going to the store. She took me to an odd-looking store and brought me inside. inside I was sized for a corset and a mini dress that both locked. She told me “You will live like a girl for the rest of the year.” It was only February. guys started hitting on me constantly i learned not to show embarrassment after a month. When the time was up i asked my mom if i could stay a girl and she said “OK your name will be Danielle now I will enroll you into a  private girls school. Ever since then i have been “mommy’s little girl.”

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  • Mr Ghaz on Jun 5, 2009

    Great post!..really interesting story..well written piece too..Thanx for sharing.

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