Who is A?

Like many young girls I spend most of my spare time dreaming about how it would be if life really was like that we see on TV. A self-confessed fanatic of ‘90210′, ‘Gossip Girl’, ‘The Hills’, ‘The City’, ‘Glee’…and many more, I didn’t think that getting obsessed with yet another series would ever be a good idea…and that is when I heard about ‘Pretty Little Liars’.

After attempting to avoid watching it for weeks I finally caved and settled down to watch the pilot and I wasn’t disappointed. ‘Pretty Little Liars’ is a show of the ABC Family network in America, and one of the first to challenge their usual strict boundaries. It is a teen mystery drama show that is based upon a series of novel by Sara Shepard. It focuses around five teens who after their so called leader, Alison Dilaurentis, vanishes and is murdered as they camp out together. A year after Alison vanishing, the four girls begin receiving malicious texts from an anonymous figure who calls themselves ‘A’. ‘A’ poses as a massive threat to all of these girls blackmailing them by threatening to share their secrets, many of which they thought only the now deceased Alison knew.

Now 20 episodes in to the first series, it is no clearer as to whom ‘A’ may be. Could it be Toby the town ‘weirdo’ who is already a person of interest, his all-seeing blind step-sister Jenna, of one of Alison’s closest friends, Spencer who has apparently been ‘framed’ by this mysterious ‘A’?

The only thing you and I can do is to continue watching this addictive series and hope that this ‘A’ character will be exposed soon!

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