In this article I will tell you some things that people usually tell me when I tell them the country where I live.

During the past three weeks, i have been hearing many people say my country is a state or an island in other countries. For example, Me: hello

Friend: hi where are you from?

Me: I am from Uruguay

Friend: That’s on africa isn’t it?

Me: No it is at south america

Friend: In what state?

Me: None, Uruguay is a country, not a state and it is not south of EE. UU. it is south of America.

Friend: Do you have internet there?

ME: Yes, and we have Tvs, blu-ray, dvd, notebooks, LCD monitors.

I am not saying i know every location of countries, but please, use your head. I am not pointing this only because my country is bad treated and people confuse it all the time, i am also showing how people asociate America with USA, and that they also treat all south americans as poor people, we are not!!!

This is SOUTH AMERICA, and the red country is uruguay.

Thanks for reading, if you were one of this people, i hope i made you change your mind, because it harms when people don’t know the country where you live, or confuse it many times.

Goodbye to all of you.

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