About me and random life of me!

People want to know more about me… So here it is!!

I m currently watching WWE wrestling on Sky1.. highlights though – they don’t show the shows on anymore :-(

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I love Lamb Shank, Pizza, fish and chips, steak, gammon, bacon and eggs, squid, crisps, green olives, ham salad, cucumber, noodles, KFC, sweets, alcohol – fruity not straight LOL   

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I could go on.. but don’t want to bore you!!

Love Sci-Fi, comedy, drama, cartoon, sex, food LOL, shower, hair cut, Internet, friends and family, Fiance, bed, sleep, money, makeup, dressing up, apple and orange juice, Tigger ‘TiggTigg’ my bouncy nephew!!

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At this point in my life currently saving for our weekend in London, myself and fiance. which as people know, Expensive!! and with moving to a new job pay is supposed to be the Friday of our holiday but if it is late then at least money from old job I’ve saved this week will pay for some of it.. with fiance’s help! LOL I’m an independent woman and always will be.. He knows it and is starting to let me pay for things more than paying like a gentleman would.. LOL Missing my family. Father is basically dying at home and I’m not there to see him as much as possible before he leaves us.. and I fear my sisters will ring me and tell me he has died or is leaving us and before I can get over to him (under 3hrs by car, over 5hrs by train!) he would have gone…..

So with weekends to myself now I can go over once I start getting paid. One problem, from my place of work, train station is over hour walk and last train is around 8.30pm – 9pm. and I finish work at 8.30pm!

Can’t do it!! And that bugs the hell out of me!! But I will Get around it and go to my family and friends back home as soon and often as possible. Watch This Space!!

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