A rant I never submitted.

Oh Jesus, please give me one reason why you think your better than me. Why you think you have any right to be rude enough to me that you cannot simply say hello. Don’t ever think your too hot for me by any means bitch, you have no idea the kind of shit I have have done or the type of girls that I have been with. I do not doubt that you have been misled by people who are so pissed off that I get to do whatever the fuck I want with whoever the fuck I want that they have told you shitty stuff about me. They should not be mad that I am just a funny dude, that I can please people with the way I am, my personality, I love life and I love making people happy and making sure they are having a good time. Just because your an emo fuck, that likes to straighten his hair and smoke cigarettes while you wear your tight jeans doesn’t mean you have to rain on my parade mother fucker, STOP HATING. If you cannot be like me, then there is no point in trying, so stop trying so fucking hard. There will never be another me. I will raise to do great things, such things that people couldn’t imagine would be accomplished. I will be famous, I will not talk to you fucks who thought you were better than me, that’s for god damn sure, and shit who knows I might even go a step further to unsure that your life is that little bit worse. Maybe I’m drunk when I’m writing this, and maybe the truth comes out with your drunk. I would like to think that the reason behind this is because you don’t, at the moment, Give..A..Fuck, and yes that is how I feel right now. I do think some of you are very hot and some of you are interesting and I would love to get to know you, BUT, when you don’t…(This is where I left off, maybe I will just leave it as is)

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