Jessica and Zola watch their childhood home bun to the ground. Jessica tries to go back into the burning to find her twin sister, Alex. Instead, the house explodes, causing her body to fly backwards and hit the ground. She is presumably dead.

Thirteen Years Ago

August 18, 1999 

     The fire roared and crackled.  The black, night sky above looked as if it would swallow the burning house.

     Twenty-year-old Jessica Wright and her twenty-four-year-old sister, Zola Wright both stood frozen in horror, nearly blinded by the sky-high flames as they watched the only home that they’d ever known burn to the ground.

     A crowd had gathered on their front lawn, but Jessica couldn’t find her identical-twin sister, Alex as she frantically searched through it.

     They’d already lost both of their parents to a tragic car-accident less than six months before.  All Jessica had left were her sisters and she couldn’t bear to lose either one of them, especially not like this!

     She looked at Zola, her face twisted in hysteria.  “Where is she?  Alex!” She called out.  “She was right behind me!  Where’d she go?  Alex!”

     Zola put a hand on Jessica’s shoulder and pulled her back.  “Jessie! Get back here!  I’m not gonna let you die for her!”

     Jessica stared at her sister in with a mixture of shock and horror on her face, jerking away from her grasp.  “How could you say something like that?  She’s our sister, Zo!”

     Zola shook her head.  “Jessie…there’s something you need to know about Alex…”

     Zola was suddenly interrupted by a loud, agonized scream which came from within the house.  They both gasped, as they suddenly realized that the scream belonged to their sister.

     Jessica stared up at the house, now filled with a whole new sense of terror.

“Oh my God, she’s still inside!” she cried frantically.  “I’ve gotta get her out of there!” 

She suddenly began to run towards the burning house.

     “Jessie, no!  I don’t wanna lose you, too!” Zola cried.  She grabbed hold of her sister’s arm, but Jessica snatched herself free.

     “I’m not gonna just let her die!  I can’t!  I can’t lose her!” Jessica insisted, speeding up as she got closer to the house.

     She suddenly heard voices begin to yell out from the crowd.

     “Hey!  Somebody stop that girl!”

     “She’s tryin’ to get herself killed!”

     Jessica was just about five feet from the doorway, when the house suddenly exploded.  The blast sent her body flying thirty feet into the air.  “Alex!” she wailed, as the entire left side of her body hit the ground with a loud, sickening crack.

     “Jessie!” Zola shrieked, running over to her.

     Unable to move, Jessica was now barely conscious.  She was incoherent and unable to speak, and although she knew that Zola was right next to her, she sounded far away, as did many other unfamiliar voices that were swirling around her. 

As her remaining consciousness began to leave her, Jessica took one last look at her home, which was now in irreparable ruins.  On the side of the house, she was sure that she saw Alex crawling on the ground, her face now barely recognizable, holding her side.  When their eyes met, Jessica realized that her twin sister was staring at her with pure, bestial hatred in her eyes.  She blinked, and Alex was gone.

“Alex…” she said weakly, before everything went black.



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