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The Red Kayak                                               By: Priscilla Cummings


 The book The Red Kayakis a very interesting story. In the beginning of the story the first sentence is, “After all this time, I still ask myself: Was it my fault?”, so right of at the start they leave us with the question what was his fault? We then find out the boy’s name is Brady. We also find out that Brady’s Mom and Sister had died at young ages. Brady previously lived in a fire house until they moved to a house next to Chesapeake Bay. Brady has one brother Carl who drives an ambulance for a living. Later on in the book a new family moved in their last name was the DiAngelos. When they moved there they knocked down a old farm owned by one of his friends, Digger. Brady also has another friend named J.T. Digger was frustrated that the DiAngelos knocked down his old farm.

 Towards the middle of the book we find out that Brady is friends with Ben Mrs. DiAngelos son. Later we find out that Mrs. DiAngelo and her son Ben. Went out on a red kayak and have gone missing. Brady his father and a rescue team went out looking for them. His father and the search team have found Mrs. DiAngelo down river. Brady in his little claming boat went out to find Ben in the tributaries. (A river off of a bigger river) Eventually Brady finds Ben. His life jacket is caught on a log sticking out of the water. Brady rushes him to his brothers’ ambulance doing CPR to Ben on his way there. Brady makes it to the ambulance but Ben has no pulse… Carl gets a pulse. Bens airlifted to a hospital. His mother was hurt but only with minor injuries.

Next Brady is told that Ben has died in the middle of school. Brady feels bad for the DiAngelos and offers to help them clean and do chores and help them around for when they leave for a trip. Before the DiAngelos leave Brady is told about how Mrs. DiAngelos having a baby. Brady is very exited. So he does chores and was asked to organize an old boat house. While he was cleaning he finds a Drill his father has been missing. But there was red paint on it… The same color as the red kayak Ben and his mother was on when it sank. So Brady is extremely puzzled at the site. He soon remembered how J.T. and digger didn’t like the DiAngelos. When Brady went to school J.T. and Digger ignored Brady so Brady thought that they drilled a hole in the boat! So he asked J.T. who admits that Digger and him did do it but Digger made him do it. Brady goes to diggers house and asks him and he does admit it but Digger didn’t want anyone to know or else. He also brought up a second degree murder charges degree murder charges because Brady thought of it kidding around of course and he didn’t know they would do it… Brady thinks long and hard whether he should tell someone or not. He did and brought J.T. and Digger to court. J.T. and Digger pleaded guilty of charged and the judge let Brady go on the 2nd degree murder charge for going to court even though he would go to jail for that. So that’s the story of The Red Kayak





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  • Ashly on Jul 18, 2011

    you have no idea what this story is about all of the small details are wrong i just read the book

  • Noneofyourbuisness on Oct 31, 2011

    You need to fix some facts, like Bradys mom did not die, only the sister, and the farm was not owned by Digger, but Digger\’s grandfather. You should comment that Brady helps just Mrs. DiAngelo after Ben dies because Mr. DiAngelo left.You also need to proof-read some sentence for a lot are false or dont make sense for example when you say \”He also brought up a second degree murder charges degree murder charges because Brady thought of it kidding around of course and he didn’t know they would do it\” That does not make sense for where you put it, make more specific and phrased different, no \’hes, shes, or theys\”. Just to let you know, your welcome :D Im even just a 12 year old and I could do a way better job than that.

  • Shelby on May 20, 2012

    Bradys mom did not die at a young age, and Carl is not Bradys brother he’s his cousin… And theres a lot of other mistakes but I’ll leave you to fix them..

  • poop on Jun 21, 2012

    i like poop

  • poop on Jun 21, 2012

    i like poop

  • poop on Jun 21, 2012

    i like poop

  • Josh on Aug 13, 2012

    dude….come on that was a bad review and i only read half of it, the begginning is good but once u get to the facts its sux

  • Yolanda on Oct 16, 2012

    That review was so wrong. I read that book two weeks ago and that is like, all wrong. Carl is Brady’s older cousin, Brady’s mom didn’t die, only Digger ignored Brady, only Brady lived in the fire station and that was because his mom left for like 6 months. You need to reread the book.

  • classifed on Oct 18, 2012

    yall all are wrong everyone died duhhhhh reread the book plz do cause yall need to

  • ty on Oct 30, 2012

    u suck

  • ty on Oct 30, 2012


  • ty on Oct 30, 2012


  • erwreerw on Jan 11, 2013


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