Just a random Rant about Mothers. Got kinda bored >.<

*Some mothers do not apply here. Viewer discretion is advised. Intended for mothers with a good sense of humor and common sense.*

Don’t you hate it that your mother knows you best? We feel guilt and they KNOW it!

They give us that *silence*, that feeling of such dead air. Some make us sound, pretty much, like drug addicts… Seriously. At the first sign of Guilt. “I didn’t do it!” – *silence* First sign of Drug-Abuse. “I didn’t do it!” – *silence* Second sign of Guilt. “Seriously! Wasn’t me!.” – *silence* Second sign of Drug-Abuse. “Seriously, man, wasn’t me!!!” – *silence* Third sign of Guilt. “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME??!!” – *silence* Third sign of Drug-Abuse. “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!??” -Your mother says, “Honey, nobody said anything”…… And all that, with a knowing sparkle in her eye. Some mother’s even pop in an evil grin, some actually don’t fucking say anything after this, they just ASSUME that their kid knows what went wrong.

Makes some kid sit there and think, “Okay, was it the cat’s harness attached to the fan, with said cat still IN the harness?…. Orrrr, did she just find my stash?” Okay, granted, some things just don’t need to be said.

“It was my own stupid fault for playing with the fan’s switch and the cat just happened to jump up at that moment… Which reminds me, how much is it to hire a painter? Might wanna fix that kitty pancake on the living room wall!” Then your mom says, “Hmm, looks like your dad after I bashed him over the head for putting the wiener dog on the treadmill… At full speed.” Now THAT’S EFFECTIVE!

“Okay, I’ll be good!

We’re not as dumb as we look, only as dumb as you allow us to be. LOLL! 

Please take this kind-heartedly, but also remember the next time you give your kids the “evil eye”… WE DON’T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON BEHIND THOSE PUPILS! Especially when you don’t tell us. We’d rather be in shit for something that we did, than be in shit for what we didn’t do!

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