This is story of my mom.. the best mother in world.

Woman is a person that god created to complement a men to live in the world. Can you imagine if God not creating a woman so thre is no other people in this world. There is eve accompanied adam descent to continue the human race.
In modern live is a strong woman to be added, if you imagine a mother taking care of the household other than her husband, she also had to take care of children, and home, especially if the mother is workingas . its takes great strength to live.

One of the strongest woman is my Mother, my mother was born on 18 november 1960, She was the only child in her family, my mother married my father (my dad was a cop) and now have seven children, four women and three men. My brother is in  elementary school 3 grade school. Difficult times passed my family specially in financial trouble. But my mother did not just remain silent, she was traded vegetables, to get extra money for us, who was still small and  school. she must get up at 3 am to go to the market in order to sell vegetables at home at 6 am, for the evening she sells small meals made by her hands. every day she did it without tirelessly.
She care of us well, can imagine a mother taking care of seven children, take care the husband, the household, looking for extra money without a helper.
Every night I hear she prayer for us to get comfortable live in the future, get a good job, get a got husband and wife, and good religion.

I dont know how to give back what she give to me, so much thing that maybe i can give her back, but 1 thing i know, i will do anything to make smile in her lips.. i love u mom, love u so much..

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