How I made money during elementary school.

When I was in elementary school, I became interested in earning money. You know, the green paper stuff that everyone likes. Well, this got me thinking. How could I make money? My allowance of $7 bucks a month didn’t seem much so I wanted to earn some money myself to buy what I want.

At first I would do chores at home to earn a few dollars more. When it came to be my responsibility to do the chores, I had to find a different way of getting some cash. When I was lying on my bed thinking for a while one day, I had a brainwave. The perfect idea came into my mind. Why not sell some of the stuff that I can make with my own hands? At first, not many people wanted to buy the cruddy paper airplanes and small ornaments that I crammed together. But as I got better at folding more complicated stuff, my earnings increased. My origami went out of stock. The money started coming in. Things were looking pretty well until the yard duty accident.

The yard duties at my school didn’t really mind what I was doing. In fact, they were delighted when I would give some of them a small origami present for free. But when the meanest teacher at my school saw me trading one of my paper claw sets for 2 bucks, she took the rest of my models away, dumped them into the trash can, and gave me a good lecture about how there is no selling things in school and all that crap that I didn’t want to hear.

So now, I had to find another way to earn some dough. By the way, with the 60 something dollars I got, I had bought a Gamecube, 2 controllers, and 3 games. You are probably wondering how I got all those things for only a fraction of the cost. Well, Ebay is my friend. Whenever I needed to buy something that is very expensive, I would use Ebay. Right now I decided to start selling some things that I don’t need on Ebay. Oh sure, I would get a little money here and there for selling my old video games or some books, but the real profit was when I sold a laser tag game that I got for $25 online. I only played it for a week or so, and then hid it in the garage for it to get all dusty. It’s a good thing I saved it though, because the prices for this item goes soaring high right before Christmas. I still can’t believe that a stupid person would actually bid and buy this thing for 70 dollars, even when it was not new!

So there you are, the story of how I got my Wii and many other stuff. Right now, I’m too lazy to take the time to earn some more money. I’m pretty content in just playing my Wii or reading a good book. Who knows, maybe thing I should do is to start trading stocks!

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