A si-fi story of a athlete I don’t know if it could be called an athlete. He is taking part in a race going all around the world and it takes about five seconds…

My name Is John Richards. I am 15 years old…and my hobby is beam racing…

            Let me clarify; beaming is the capability to teleport anywhere in the world instantly. The ability was given to humans in 2012 the day the humanity was supposed to end, and it nearly did. An anonymous male working in a nuclear energy plant went mad due to the pressure that came with the world evidently going to end. He caused a malfunction within the plant and there was a full scale meltdown. This was repeated in other places also, but during the sequence of disasters an unknown woman was exposed to radiation and gained the means to beam. This woman went to a scientist to attempt to control it, however a selfish doctor stole some of her DNA and implanted it into his own child… Hey wait I just gave a history lecture ha-ha I might as well go into World War V. Sorry about the history I won’t do it again

Ok, Beam racing is simply a race to travel through certain sequences of places collecting items and concluding in a certain city or place. Alright time to get past that. Today is September 2nd; there is a world competition today. I need to be at the top of the Eiffel tower in 10 minutes but no hurry, I can be there any instant I desire. Anyway the track is Hong Kong, Cuba, Maine, Hawaii, Taiwan, Japan, and finally Paris. As you can see the track goes all over the world and generally the race is finished within a minute. now it’s time for the race so I prepare myself for the sensation I experience every day, I know where I need to go and I see it in my mind its right there in front of me. The tower the buildings next to the tower even the people currently visiting it. After that I open my eyes and see nothing and everything so many colors and shapes. Then I am sitting in a stiff chair getting briefed about the competition with about 13 other people, and I was surprised about the variant competitors there were old, young, boys, girls, and they all had the proficiency to go to world championships. So I guess I am not to unremarkable I mean  I am about to begin my 3rd year in a row at the world championships.

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