I read a book called:
If You Want a Better Life STOP PRAYING, five Daily Disciplines, 21 Days, A Better Life

So… it the book says to keep a journal. The book also mentions sharing your journey with others, I asked myself… why not blog about it, blogging is like sharing, right? I have 21 days to change my life, because I’m sick of the one I have…

CORRECTION! I’m sick of how I am living my life, I’m lazy.  There’s no better way to put it, I’m not going to be nice about describing myself in my life…  I AM LAZY, and I want to change. I’m sick of being just a thinker… I’d like to be a doer.

So…  Here’s Day 1 of 21.

My Reading:  I read STOP PRAYING today.  The TV was on, but it served more as background noise than a distraction. I’m going to tackle The DaVinci Code tomorrow, one chapter at a time.

My Fitness:  I’ll do my wall push ups and standing chair pose later on tonight when I know it’ll be cool outside, when I know most of the neighbors are inside…  I don’t like to be stared or gawked at when I’m making personal physical improvements of myself… it puts me more into my head than I already am, and I’d like to get out of my head, for once.

My Nutrition:  So… when it comes to food, my husband and I don’t have much… and it’s not all healthy.  I do, however make due with what we do have and I do try, very hard, to make it as healthy as possible… Like substituting hamburger for tuna, using less mayo.  It really isn’t much, but it a change, right?

My Two Choices:  To Publish “This is not for Children” or not to publish…  I guess my two choices are: re-work the name or keep it as is… all I know is, is that I need to go over the whole thing over the weekend, make corrections, make sure that it reads correctly… maybe work on a front and back cover.

My Positive Experience Today: Just knowing what I’ll be wearing tomorrow is a positive experience, that AND it helps to plan in advance.

My Random Act of Kindness:  Dave is coming over to visit later tonight… he used to be super cool, then he turned into a dick… cause he’ll say one thing and then do another… (NOTE: Don’t be like Dave)

Whats funny is that I’m constantly going on and on about how everyone keeps talking about change, but no one is really following through changing as a whole…  I still don’t understand the point of the blog, but blogging is a change for me. Growing up I never understood the point of journaling anything, I was the kind of person who thought homework was a conspiracy created by teachers to tourcher kids (I was 6 years old when I thought that)… I still don’t understand the point of homework and at this point I don’t think I ever will.

I was born a thinker.  I had my first ephiny when i was about 4 or so.  So, there I was in my room watching Sesame Street, and Big Bird and Kermit the Frog were educating children about the letter “C” that day.  I was excited about learning the alphabet at the time, so I told my mom.  My mom looked at me like I was nuts, she said “That’s nice.” and went back to washing the dishes.  I start to go back to my room and stop dead in the middle of the hallway and I get smacked in the depths of my brian with an ephiny… “I am here, and I am safe!” is what I first thought, then the question “Wait! Where the hell am I, and am I really safe?” came to mind…  I didn’t have a chance to soak it all in because my mother caught me pondering this important question in anyones life and asked “What are you doing?”…  I turned around, looked at my mom and said “nothing”, turned around again and headed back to my room…  I don’t think I was the same since.

Sharing is Caring and Knowing is Half the Battle… I think.

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