Along with every other device that connects to the internet.

I am annoyed.

At this very moment, I wish to grab my computer, rip it from all plugs it may be connected to, and chuck it out the window. Then, I want to drag it into the road where it can be smashed into a million pieces by passing vehicles. Hopefully large, destructive ones.

Lighting it on fire would also suffice.

What brought about this immense hatred toward my poor, innocent computer? The internet.

I am disappointed in the internet right now. So disappointed, that I don’t care if this whole article is a rant. It kind of is. Anyway, I’m immensely bothered by the world wide web because of one simple thing. I have been searching for the past three days or so for a site online that pays well for articles. There is not ONE single site I have found that will work accordingly (except Triond, of course-which is what I am using to publish this wonderous rant from).

Every single site I visit either wants you to be a super professional person (which, if you were, why on earth would you go to a freelancing site? Why wouldn’t you be out working in the field with your profession?) OR, they just want someone who can write fifty billion articles for a penny. Low rates are rediculously abused by these evil sites.

My solution is to give up.

I will no longer attempt to make money online. It’s such a simple motive, but it gets brought down so easily by the numerous scam sites or terrible paying sites, or even the sites that just look too challenging.

The next thing that bothers me is people who write horrific articles with terrible grammar and spelling mistakes. It makes me want to go through and correct it all (editing! something sites also claim to pay for! doesn’t happen!).

That’s all.

My rant is over.

If this somehow gets magically published, I don’t know if I should be happy that people will read over my frustration, or if I should be disappointed that it got through.

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  • Netty net on Jun 2, 2012

    I can see where you feel frustrated. great job.

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