My three articles have seen more controversy than expected. Find it all by yourself along with the reason.

I have been an active writer in triond for past one year and have published more than 100 articles.

In this one full year, most of my articles which are commented are controversial. Luckily, I like to right scientific articles, so the comments generally don’t discourage me but rather encourage me write more and more topics which are beyond imagination.

I feel that the controversy is the ladder to success. This is because from this you will get a chance to know what is going on in the mind of the reader. This will better prepare you to what to expect from your future articles.

Their have been certain comments which tend to use offensive language. Initially I didn’t delete those comments but later some of my friends advised me that the people who would be reading that article might be of different ages. Now, by keeping such offensive comments might offend them and so later I started deleting those offensive comments.

Other than that if you visit my articles you will find comments which have more of opposition to my topic rather then support.

But, my three most controversial articles are as given below along with their links:

  1. Ganguly vs Dhoni, although this is not scientific topic, it deals with cricket which is worshipped like anything in my country. So, any topic related to it will naturally provoke lots of controversies.
  2. Smoking is good for health, the title itself contradicts the notion which is being created in the minds of the people. So, this topic will attract controversy. However, you must read this article carefully to understand the paradox which smoking creates.
  3. Why do Men Rape? , although I haven’t expected any controversy related to this topic but then it has been one of the most controversial topic in the most odd ways. Despite, the fact it tries to make a scientific and logical explanation of this question, this topic has viewed in a different sense.

You must read the above articles only then you can decide whether the above topic require criticism or not, since I try to explain all my topics with scientific concepts which are commonly prevalent in today’s world.

My other unusual scientific topics, which you might like to read, are given below:

  1. Vegetarianism: An Elixir for Life: A must read topic to give great ideas about ways to prevent global warming.
  2. Vegetarianism: An Elixir for Life Two: A topic which tells about bad effects from which vegetarian diet prevents.
  3. Vegetarianism: Elixir of Life 3: This topic picks up from where the previous topic has left.
  4. Sleep to Get Exhausted: A very good reason for not to sleep.
  5. Future Decoded: One of my most controversial topics. Read it and decide yourself.
  6. Man in Danger: A topic which I expected least to be controversial but is still facing a controversy. A topic which says that males are weakening and women are becoming strong.
  7. How to Speak Parseltongue: A weird topic in its own right.
  8. Biogas: Is It a Future?: One of most favorite future technology might not be as good as it appears.
  9. Charge Transfer Through DNA: One of the most confusing topic with a most appropriate explanation.
  10. Charge Transfer through DNA 2: This topic is the extension of previous topic.
  11. Autotrophic Humans: A very weird way to solve food crisis.
  12. How to Make Your Problems Easy?: A very funny scientific explanation to this question.
  13. DNA Dove Birds: What if the friendship bands are labeled with DNA?
  14. How to Use Urine to Light House?: A very dirty way to solve energy crisis.
  15. Vegetarian Diet Can Only Solve Food Problem: A very simple and effective way to prevent food crisis in future.
  16. How to Solve the Water Shortage: A very weird way to solve this problem. Just read and you will know what I mean?
  17. Light Emitting Plants: A very weird but true thing, which is one the latest developments of science.
  18. Plastic Milk: A very weird topic, which tells a new way to make plastic.
  19. Biorefinery: A New Eco Friendly Technology: A new industrial process is in its start up stage, which if successful can pave way for development of bio-based eco-friendly technology and industry.
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  • joystick7 on Nov 24, 2008

    A smart post!

  • BC Doan on Nov 25, 2008

    Those are some interesting posts that you’ve listed..

  • ur guide on Nov 25, 2008

    To Joystick and BC Doan,
    Thanks for your precious comments.

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