Three things you should know about Siberian Huskies before buying one.

I have Siberian Husky more than one year.. believe in me having a dog isn’t just funs. . . No No No.. Especially, than you have a Siberian husky.

OK, first of all here is my Siberian Husky, his name is Bart:

3 things you should know about Siberian Huskies:

1) First problem is that they’ll destroy your own home.. Just look what he done for my kitchen’s door:

Let’s say, that this is just a small part of what he have done. If I would show you what he done for armchair or rise, you’ll think that this is not a dog, but a demon. BTW he isn’t demon.

2) Secondly, then they start shedding it is much more then just horrible:

This is just after one brush through his back. Then I tease out him all I have full sack of his hairs.

3) He is a free-dog.. : D So he won’t listen you.. For example then you say: “Sit” in angry voice. He can start taking (Huskies can talk..) angry with you too:

But if you don’t mind these 3 things they are the cutest and the best dogs ever.

You can play with him, go on a walking (It’s very healthy) and your life would much more interesting with haveing a dog, then before without dog (Siberian Husky) I’m not crying about that he done. These problems are just while he is young, then he had growned up he stoped doing anything something like that. But if you can’t suffer that while he is young, you should better not to buy this dog. I think than for you would be better to buy a pocket dog.. : D

I love my dog very much. :)

You can watch MY DOG’S DIARY: HERE

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  • Miss Heda on Apr 8, 2009

    my sister has a husky she is a very loyal and smart dog. she is also a very motherly sort of dog always protecting my neice and following her around to make sure she is doing the right thing.

  • anon on Apr 10, 2009

    While a helpful post, it was poorly written. Check out your grammar maybe?

  • anon on Apr 10, 2009

    good god, your english is horrid.

  • wendy on Apr 10, 2009

    Anon, don’t be a jerk. This was very helpful and fun to read. Thank you, SarMa, for writing about your Siberian Husky for us.

  • Denver Max on Apr 11, 2009

    Yah, chut up anaon, you jerk. ;)

  • bjr on Apr 11, 2009

    nice ,anon may god bless you

  • Melissa P on Apr 12, 2009

    While these are all excellent tips, and I agree, great advice–try and focus a little bit on your writing and grammar. Unfortunately, most people are going to focus on this first and not the great tips in this article, making many people lose out of a great read and you lose out on readers.

    Best of luck.

  • Tina on Apr 14, 2009

    Maybe English is her second language.
    You get the point she is trying to make.
    Just remember till you walk on water, don’t judge.

  • charlotte nc on Apr 14, 2009

    Great story .Great tips. Thanks for the pictures too. Keep us updated.Hope you continue to write.

  • Sarah on Apr 16, 2009

    English is her second language if you can’t tell. She doesn’t use ‘the’ or ‘to’ or other filler words we use, so she’s probably not a native American. A lot of countries skip out on using these words because they’re not very necessary unless you’re trying to specifically talk about something. That being said, her English is actually spot on if you regard the fact that she communicated what she thought excellently without needing to use ‘the’ or ‘to’, and her tips are spot on for soon-to-be Husky owners. I used to have a mixed Siberian Husky/Wolf, and they’re definitely free spirits. He used to make horrible messes too, and you couldn’t ever brush him because he had so much fur. He loved snow too. ;]

    Thanks for a wonderful article, SarMa!

  • anonymous on Apr 23, 2009

    Oh please, you must be dense to not realize she isn’t a native English speaker. I agree with commenter #10, she get’s her point across quite well in spite of this- it’s a very cute and informative article. Huskies definitely are trouble! But they are such wonderful dogs, if you’re willing to put in the effort. And they totally “talk”, hehe it’s really adorable.

    PS- Bart is GORGEOUS. =]

  • princess serenity on Jun 13, 2009

    Oh I want to have one too! But are they just for cold countries with snow? My dog also did the things you mentioned but he is not a Siberian Husky. I think most dogs do destroy stuffs. :D

  • Mariano on Nov 20, 2009

    Sorry I disagree, you shouldn’t have a husky at all.

    They get mad when they’re left alone for long time and when you don’t take them out to play, pee and crap.

    What did you expect for the hair ? They’re snow dogs.

    They’re very obedient, I think you got all wrong.

    for some reason I was expecting to read something about “Three important things you should know about siberianos”

    You know nothing about them, believe me, I know what I am saying.

  • Stan Bendickson on Jun 2, 2010

    I have a pedigreed sable and white Siberian, (might have hybrid on gramma’s side), 2.6 yrs old.. She’s gentle, stubborn, obedient/disobedient, very smart, friendliest dog on the planet, has the ice blue eyes and yes, needs lots of excercise. She protects my grandkids like like a mother would. Took a trip to Iron Mtn, Mi. a while back, she would curl up around my 2 yr old grandson to keep him warm.. Not a dog for 1st time dog owners tho. We’ve had her for a little over a year now and it took about 2 months to understand her and bond. We knew it would be a challenge. All she wanted to do was run home. They bond very strongly to their “pack”.. Would not give her up for anything..

  • Wende on Sep 5, 2010

    I have a 3 year old male husky that I got from the local shelter. I think it is best to always study up on the breed you are getting if possible. He is a lot different then my Corgi (12yr old female) of course. He has tons of energy, he is very very smart and tricky (he figures out amazing things and watches me and remembers where I put things, etc.), he is the sweetest dog Ive ever known and he loves to get lots of love and attention (he sleeps with me every night), he is very loyal and looks out for me and our Corgi. The corgi is ‘the boss’ and he doesnt mind, he just is sweet and appeases her! At first it was a bit difficult and frustrating b/c I did not do my homework (my fault, not his!)….the first day I brought him home, he jumped a 5 foot adobe wall and went playing in traffic….I was soooo lucky that someone helped me and he was ok. I then learned that it is their nature to be ‘escape artists’ and they must be always secured. No matter how happy they are at home, it just what they do….of course being bred to pull a sled for many miles in the snow! He is beautiful too….amazingly beautiful. He is sable and cream, has one ice blue eye and one brown eye, he has a big blue spot on his tongue….he loves to lie there and stare at me! He of course sheds like crazy but there are ways to keep it under better control. He, as others have mentioned, ate a few things in the home while I was at work, especially after first getting him (I work very long hours and he hates me being gone..!). He ate several pairs of gloves, he ate some pillows, he loves to chew up paper or paper towels, etc. I just make sure these kinds of items are not left around for him to get to and I leave him and my other dog with plenty of toys while I am gone. Now it is much, much better..and occasional incident…but oh well. Oh, and yes he is stubborn but its because they do want to push to be the ‘leader of the pack’ and they seem to want a good reason to do what they are asked to do. ONce he became more comfortable with me and I worked iwth him, he now performs all commands asked of him with little to no resistance. I would not recommend a husky to any one who doesnt have some time to spend with him and walk him a great deal…..and certinaly not for anyone who cannot keep a husky secured so they dont take off and potentially get hurt! I wouldnt give anything for him ever…..he’s my sweet heart and my best buddy! W-

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