My everyday view of existence.

 Well, everyday i draw further inward to myself – i learn few things that helps me understand strange occurrence.

 In life we either profit or loss – it is always two sided. I know people believe in miracles, I know others see existence as “chance” – I wouldn’t blame these people, only i would prefere  they saw God even in this “chance”

I learn by hour, minute, even seconds, i grow – not as in growth, but in understanding -  well – age changes a mans understanding of life because I have discovered that I think more about my physical well being, of course, not forgetting the spiritual, trying to understand more about my health, areas where i lack good upkeep  – where my weakness and my strenght lies, even when this just occured to me, a feeling about “mediocre” roze within.

I reallydo feel that every man has an area of expertise. For example- although i see my talent as greatly expressed in writing, i also know i love music and even though i’m not perfect even in my writing field – i see myslf as a genius here.

I’ve failed a number of times, so many times that I can hardly count – having been such a fan of “mediocre” – For the very benefit of this write, I’ll like to say “‘ NO MAN IS A MEDIOCRE – ONLY FIND YOUR LITTLE PERFECT WORLD”‘.

I can’t really tell what the board of triond team will say, or think or if they will even have time to read through this, becaue this writing has been very much personalised, and how it benefits different human individuals, i leave to my beloved readers.

OSC – Royal

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