A detailed analysis of Koheles 3:8 and its meaning as per the song by The Byrds.

There is a Time for Love and a Time for Hate, A Time for Peace and a Time for War

The Torah


Koheleth (Ecclesiastes) 3:8


Today is August 4th of the year 2006. As I start to pen this missive the world is becoming engulfed in hatred and it seems that peace is long off in the Middle East. Iraq has been totally destabilized and Israel and the Arabs are at war with one another. Whatever existed in the way of peaceful coexistence is a long time in the past between the Arabs and the Jews.

America deposed Saddam Hussein of Iraq and now wants to invade Iran with possible seemingly similar results. All hell has broken loose. Some months after I began this document, Sadaam Hussein was hanged until dead but his former country is still in turmoil.

And as I amend this document, it is now January 22, 2008 and a few weeks ago a woman had to flee Sudan because people wanted to kill her for naming her teddy bear Mohammed. Clearly we live in tempestuous times.

A friend of mine, Rabbi Dov Shurin is a singing star and radio personality in Israel and he came out with a recording called Nekama – “Biblical Revenge”. I ran into Dov in Brooklyn, NY soon after he put the CD out (he came to the States from Israel) and I asked him, “What is this all about”. He told me, “It’s music for our times.” I reflected and realized that he had a point.

When I was a little boy, I grew up in a traditional Jewish home. We kept kosher and the major Jewish holidays and I went to a Conservative Hebrew School.

I read some Orthodox Jewish literature and I became convinced that the long awaited messiah, would come in my day and I longed to be in Israel for the great event when it would happen.

I had visions dancing in my head about the world getting along in love and peace singing and dancing together. I envisioned universal love and brotherhood on such a grand scale as to be unparalleled. My belief was that the messiah’s presence on Earth would nullify all the negativity in the world and that human life would no longer be called “the human condition”. Quite unrealistic, I suppose and certainly a long way off from what is happening today. It seems that the human race operates based on economics and that discipline is called “the dismal science.”

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