Just some more thoughts I have.

What policies have the Republicans brought to the table besides tax cuts for the rich.

No one is going to get rid of your guns it’s the 2nd Amendment for crying out loud.

I do think that ignorant people should be allowed to own a gun and why do we need assault rifles?

The whole United States is not the military or police officers.

I don’t know I guess you are free to do what you choose.

But if we are so trigger happy how come we didn’t do anything to stop that asshole who shot them people in Colorado.

I don’t understand our nation.

We want to hate on people who try their hardest to do the right thing and we love people who do the wrong thing.

The world isn’t perfect I already know that.

You don’t have to tell me something I already know.

I just tend to keep my mouth shut and act like you are the big shot until you get trampled on.

Why does it have to be so hot here in Oklahoma?

This state puts me into a coma.

I can’t wait to go on vacation.

I think the United States of America should be renamed the divided states of America.

We are not even coming across the isles anymore.

It’s either your in or your out but if Americans talked about Bush the way they talk about Obama everybody would say oh you can’t talk about our commander and chief like that.

If you don’t like the way this country is going leave.

I’m proud of my life.

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