Do what you think can make you happy. If you were given a chance, what would you choose?

I was born in this world naked. I learned many things by making a mistake. I knew how to stand still after falling. I knew how to truly fall in love after not being loved back.

If I were be given a chance to do things that I will love to do without failing, I will love the precious people in my life including God, wholly and truly. Why? They are the people whom I know that I will be loved back. They never give up on me. They trust me. They accept me for who I am. I do not need to pretend for someone better. I do not care if I have so much flaws, done too much mistakes, been messed up the whole time, and going in sane, as long as they are there, I feel totally normal.

I am beautiful like the way they see me. I do not need to put too much make up to cover all the mess. I do not need to wear too expensive dresses just to stand out. I do not need too much friends just to have company. Being with you is enough and no more I can wish for.

Not all people experience to loved back. Not all people know how to love truly. Not all people are given people who can love and accepts them for who they are. If my wish would be granted, I will stick by your side forever. My family, friends, love ones, and most especially God, I am still in this world because of you. I will treasure every moment and spent each other’s time wisely. Thank you for being here, always. And, I will never be ashamed having you in my life. I know one day, I will make you proud, one day.

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  • Vanila on Aug 15, 2012

    if i know i will not fail, i’ll never work hard to get my dreams, but because of i dunno whether i fail or not so that i work hard to not fail.

    Btw, how experience :) i hope we can share each other, u also can read my articles. Regards Vanila

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