My personality of two faces.

I stand alone, in this world with my word’s as my ammunition. the lies and injustice, between deceit ,and secrets,of shadow’s of temptation.we live in a world that’s twisted, and repressed, and valuer-able, and uncaring and despicable of inhumanity, is a factor of the blackness of middle America. the land of harsh petty indifference, humiliation racist propaganda, full of ourselves blind to the American dream. the loss of Rights as human being, constitution of to happiness,freedom, and liberty, equalizes and futility nobody cares about human Rights. anymore nobody, give a fuck about the cover ups, and deceit’s, and shortcut’s, and fabricate our society as a whole. everybody is a social parasite, where someone wants to dominate the Rights, of some street corner poor child who can’t eat because he ain’t got any money, wannabe gangster’s who join a gang, just to get acceptance from his fellowman, because his daddy and mama didn’t give him the attention and affection. that he needed i don’t need a gang, to build my troop for battle i got myself, and myself only to get where i need to the people who hate me, for who i am fuck you, and your so called Brady bunch life. because i am who i am, i speck the truth and you squeamish bitch made motherfucker’s, can’t handle the truth and let’s get on to the point social security disability. does not work for the wrongly in justified people, who don’t deserve to be on it people who are disables mentally, and physically, are in titled to be on it, but because someone who has done a criminal act. when he was 14, and has payed for that consequence 4 years ago, and has made amends for that mistake. and not committed to making that mistake again who has clearly changed his lifestyle to make a better life for himself nobody deserves, to live in the dark of selfishness, and untrusted paranoia, is the fear of being shadow’s, of the closet meaning that people who are mentally, unstable physically incapable. and are bed jumping little booger fucker’s, that are sick in the head.

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