Sometimes our senses deceive us, Some No. ..

A long time ago in a town cold, Pope, and ttres pasear.Era daughters went to a quiet village, everyone knew each other and their stories …

The three sisters were playing in the yard of a modest home that had provided them a week.De soon as ourre you walk around the village and tells the others that acompañen.Es before leaving then when they see a beautiful girl of about 12 years or so, stop in reja.Le wonder who he is, she tells them that a friend, do not be afraid, they go for a walk with her.

Girls leave without telling his father, and go for a walk.

The strange young girl leads to the three sisters to a farm crecana was orange and had large trees Jobo.Las girls to see the fruits have a desire to eat, but most who try can not reach or oranges nor jobos . Suddenly are amazed to see how the girl that I’ve had there hands full of oranges and jobos and gives them to the three girls but also told that it was easy to take them to the trees.

Then the three sisters are concerned that it is getting dark, and they say they want the girl who can not return because they are afraid, they start walking the lower one treads in a marshy and she screams, there I stepped on!, when she turned to where floor print notes with a cross and stones young pequeñas.La tells the sisters that she was buried there, who in life had been raped and murdered there.

The three sisters look and laugh with a little trepidation, however did not believe him.

They begin to walk back to the house, and she went before them strange singing a rare song, saying, I am a witness of God’s law, I am a witness of God’s law … and so repeatedly singing up to the house where the young niñas.A not you could see your feet.

They told what happened to his father, who did not believe them ofcourse. The next day the girl was waiting for the girls in front of the cas nNew and ask them I want to know where I live? The curious girl and told her that if she went with to a nearby house, where there was nothing there came no doors or furniture or people, nada.Era an abandoned house and dark.

Most of the sisters begins to panic and tells the other two that would be good to ask the people if anyone knows this girl thin, light eyes, gowned floreada.Asi start digging into the village, but they noticed that people looked at them and did not respond to the question, until one of the neighbors told, beware, say there is a young man who is suffering in this town, who died violently and that appears only to children.

Since then the girls did not come out of the house and just looked forward to the day to leave alli.Estando sitting on the porch with his father, saw the girl in front of the house and told his father he saw her , who was there, and tell them that the pope did not see anything.

Came the day of the game and the three sisters kept everything in the car and mounted apresuradadmente, when fired from the neighbors thought they had been something strange happened, was when they had seen the girl standing behind the car who were said, was to be, but do not worry, I am everywhere …

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