Why is it that all of God’s havoc is borne by good people?

Does this question haunt you? Do you always ask this question to God?

If yes, then don’t think that you are the only person, who is suffering. Everyone in this world is suffering and everyone suffers almost equally.

But then why good people feel so bad?

This is because they don’t deserve to bear any kind of sufferings. They always try to help others but others don’t turn up when they are in need. This is the main reason behind their sufferings. They are mentally shattered by this kind of attitude of other people. Their will power to raise themselves and others is gone, which further brings more trouble for them. They feel that world is not for them. It belongs to only bad people who always win.

Other people not only ditch good people but also plot against them to bring them down. They forget that they are cutting their own sources of help by destroying good people.

People must try to understand that the good people are an endangered species in this world. If they can’t develop it, then at least they must try to preserve the remaining survivors. But, this thing only those people will understand who are intelligent enough to look into there future.

You bad guys must be thinking what good will it does, if you save good people?

It will do a lot of good because if you remove all the good people from this world then the remaining people left in this world would be bad like you. Now, a bad person will always try to degrade you, he will try to ruin you, kill you, i.e. he just want the worst conditions for you, and similarly you will wish worst conditions for others. Ultimately this will lead to violence and no peace in this world.

One must not forget that the moment the peace is destroyed from this world we all would die almost that moment because everyone would be killed from the hands of the others and their would be no survivor left.

So, if you want to survive such apocalypse then save good people because if they are present then at least you still have the hope of surviving as they will never try to ruin you. Since, they believe in policy of live and let others live. Rather, if you are behind them, then they will help you to become at par of them.

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