Punching in, clocking in, swiping in; it really doesn’t matter. The rule is you are allowed to check in 2 minutes before your start time. And if you clock in 3 minutes later, you are late.

So what you have is a long line of co-workers waiting for that 2 minute mark to start and be in compliant. This line looks like a group of robotic androids waiting to get entrance to the workforce planet.

We put in the 40 hours, and what do we have to show for it at the end? Uncle Sam takes his piece along with those others guys, which to this day I don’t really know who they are. The remainder goes to bills, bills and more bills.

We know the average person works pay check to pay check, making just enough to make it day to day. If you are the fortunate few that has a little extra, I say be grateful! Invest!

It seems like your time is no longer yours, and I know we have to be responsible adults, but you get up every morning go off to your prospective jobs, spending the majority of your days there, go home in the evening . Only to have the nights roll by rapidly. Having us: to start the vicious cycle over again. We now consider the people at work as our family as we see them maybe more than those that live with us. Let’s face it the work has to get done and it is considered part of the American way to live and work in this home of the Brave.

I only wish I knew when my time began and when it ended, I guess I have vacation time to use or as some companies call it PTO. To find some time for myself and reflect on how fortuned I am to have a job to provide for my family.

It seems like everyone can’t wait till Friday gets here. The first thing that you here at the beginning of the day is “happy Friday” a phrase that expresses how we all look forward to the end of the week, just to get there and nothing special happened during that time. Monday comes around and the same ole same ole dragging people enters their jobs, with a motionless movement heading towards their desk and pile of paper that stares them right in the face, saying “ If you only took the time not to dream about leaving this building maybe, you would have completed this task, instead you are faced with papers that have accumulated along with the others to come. What a rat race!

Crying out loud! I feel Uncle Sam should give us a break, let us have one pay check to ourselves, no taxes taken out, and without any penalties. Please can someone go to our Uncle on the behalf of us all?

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